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Couples Counselling Practice Counselling for Couples and Individuals with Dawn Kaffel
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How do I get started?
Either send me an email by clicking here or call me on 07976-403741 so I can answer any questions. We can then set up an initial consultation to give us an opportunity to meet and help you decide whether you wish to start the counselling process.

Do I have to commit to regular sessions?
Regular weekly sessions are an important part of the counselling process, but I understand that, for some, weekly sessions are not possible. We can discuss this and work out a mutually satisfactory way of working together.

What sort of counselling do you offer?
Although I originally trained in psychodynamic couples counselling, over the years I have undertaken more training, most recently Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples. Every couple is different and there is no one counselling method that suits all, so I am able to tailor how we might work together.

How long will counselling last?
All clients need something different in times and length of counselling. I usually suggest working together for a minimum of 8-10 sessions and then we assess where we are, how the work is going and whether we wish to continue.

What happens if your partner is reluctant to attend sessions?
There are times when a partner, for a number of reasons, does not want to come to couples therapy. Individuals can attend on their own and often when they do, partners change their minds and are more willing to attend at a later date.

How much do sessions cost?
The initial session is for one hour. Continuing sessions are for 50 mins. They are charged from £150 per session.

Can I/we start or continue counselling during the pandemic?
Yes you can. I am working online with everyone during the pandemic. If this way of working suits you, it can continue once we are able to work face-to-face again.

To make an enquiry or arrange an appointment, please telephone 020 8959 9528 or 07976 403 741. You can also email me by clicking here. At times there may be an answerphone where you can leave a message. I will always try to get back to you as quickly as possible. Any contact with the Couples Counselling Practice is confidential.


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